A passion for housing and sharing knowledge

Welcome to the adventure of MY AGENCY.

Femme de dos

Claire Simon

Passionate about my job, I seek solutions for all acquisition and/or investment situations.
My mission is to make you discover all the horizons of real estate and make your purchase and/or sale a unique moment.

Our history

“Alone we go faster, together we go further” Proverb

My Agency’s adventure began in 2016, a hopeful business creation on the eve of my 24th birthday. I start with an ideology of independence, of business creation, a slightly erroneous vision but which has led me to paths that I would never have imagined with the courage to take.

Often we imagine ourselves in front of a huge mountain to climb and once we are at the top it was not so big. This is exactly the whole course of these beginnings.

In 2016, I started with taxation and the development of a real estate network around real estate investment. This company was shut down some time later. I am not talking about failure but rather about questioning and positioning that was not well thought out. In 2018 My AGENCY really sees the light of day and today 4 years later there are 3 meeting points 5 brilliant collaborators without whom I would not be here and many projects to come.

Our philosophy

I would talk about perseverance, communication and sharing.

We love this whole profession of advice, knowledge sharing and patience. Today, sellers and buyers are more and more demanding on the one hand on information by the web but also by the multiplication of real estate agents.

We are in constant search of performance, novelty but also we return to the essential things: the individuals. Proximity to our customers as well as merchants and residents is a priority for us. Our presence on social networks and our presence on agency points are also important.

Inter-agency, mandate sharing, constant recruitment, animation with businesses, we are attentive to any exchange. We want to be human and we want to help the development of our villages.

#Parlonsmaison a partnership with LEROYMERLIN VILLENEUVE LES BEZIERS reflects our desire to share.

A love of housing, beautiful things, but also a desire to share our knowledge of real estate investment.

Don’t forget, the real estate agent is not just a seller!
Our greatest pleasure is to help you, support you and welcome you to our agencies

(Maureilhan, Caux and Lacaune).